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Practical Motorhome Magazine

The definitive guide to motorhomes, a Practical Motorhome Magazine Subscription is the essential read for owners and aspiring tourers. For those on the lookout for a new (or used) vehicle, there are buying guides and detailed reviews to help you find the perfect motorhome and get the most for your money. There’s plenty of inspiration too with guides to the best areas to visit across the UK and Europe and reviews of campsite locations to suit all tastes.

You’ll also find great maintenance tips and DIY projects from the expert Practical Motorhome team to ensure you make the most of your time on the road. There’s something for everyone from beginners to seasoned motorhomers, so compare the Practical Motorhome subscription offers above and save on the normal cover price.

In recent issues

  • Take a perfect off-peak tour: Wonderful winter getaways to North Yorkshire, Galloway and Cardiff.
  • 10 awesome all-year sites for your low-season adventures.
  • The best new and used motorhomes as voted for by you.
  • 16 page guide on how to choose the perfect campsite.
  • Get back to France! Why touring across the Channel now is much easier than you thought.
  • 50 essential tips: Take your motorhome tours to the next level.
  • Get technical: Electrical systems explained and toilet-flush fixes.

Order your Practical Motorhome Magazine subscription now for regular travel inspiration, motorhome news, views and plenty of great advice, all delivered to your door.

Who reads Practical Motorhome Magazine?

Motorhome owners and potential buyers, Practical Motorhome is perfect for anyone looking to make the most of their on the road.

How much is a subscription to Practical Motorhome Magazine?

Practical Motorhome Magazine subscriptions start from just £12.00.

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