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BBC Music Magazine

BBC Music Magazine is the world’s best selling classical music magazine and is the most comprehensive monthly guide to the world of classical music – live, broadcast and recorded. It is packed full of information and inspiring features on all aspects of classical music.

Whether you are a classical music connoisseur or a new enthusiast you will enjoy the fascinating features and reviews of over 120 new works plus a complete works CD in every issue. There’s no other classical music magazine out there to rival BBC Music for variety, quality and value. Don’t miss out, subscribe to BBC Music Magazine today and get free delivery to your door each month.

In Recent Issues of BBC Music

Mitsuko Uchida – what does it take to become the world’s greatest Mozart pianist?.. The power of Shostakovitch – an exclusive in-depth guide to the Russian composer’s 15 symphonies… Call of the wild – exploring the howls and growls of The Great Animal Orchestra… Rediscovering Gluck – why is the man who invented opera so neglected?.. The mystery of Brahms – what are the hidden secrets of music’s most complex genius?.. Dead good – how obituaries can make or break a musician’s reputation… Maria Callas – the real life triumphs and tragedies of opera’s greatest diva… Hidden treasures – BBC Music goes on the hunt for neglected piano masterpieces. Order your BBC Music Magazine subscription today for more great features like this every month.

Who Reads BBC Music Magazine?

An engaged, informed audience of culture lovers who are passionate about the world of classical music.