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Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine

Britain’s number one choice for self-builders and home extenders, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine is the complete guide for people looking to build, renovate or extend their dream home. You’ll find everything you need to start your dream project, from advice on finding the perfect plot and navigating the planning system to invaluable technical knowledge on each stage of the build process. Covering projects of all sizes, from small renovations and extensions to large home builds from scratch, you’ll enjoy the variety of case studies and ‘behind the design’ lessons detailing how to achieve the same results yourselves.

Your Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine subscription will become your go-to resource for design ideas, home inspiration, in-depth technical advice from industry experts and cost-saving tips when planning and working through your own property projects. It’s the perfect magazine to provide motivation and help to those of all experience levels. Compare the range of Homebuilding and Renovating subscription offers above, then subscribe now to join a growing number of dedicated readers and start receiving the magazine through your letterbox every month.

In recent issues of Homebuilding & Renovating

  • Extend and renovate your home for less: The reasons why quotes come in over budget; The best ways to buy building materials; How to renovate for profit.
  • 9 brilliant ways to find a building plot.
  • Dream homes: Kitchen inspirations; Loft conversion ideas; Glazing innovations; Garden design solutions.
  • 13 things to know before starting building work.
  • Greener living: Sustainable interiors; Green roofs; Heat pumps; Energy efficient ways to stay cool.
  • Home improvement – your building questions solved.

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Who reads Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine?

Design conscious individuals looking to create a custom-designed home, whether building from scratch, undertaking a major renovation project or improving an existing property.

How much is a subscription to Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine?

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine subscriptions start from just £12.00.

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