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Horse & Hound Magazine

Britain’s leading equestrian magazine, Horse & Hound is internationally renowned and read by a diverse audience of enthusiasts, aspiring amateurs and industry professionals. The magazine has been synonymous with informed, in-depth equestrian journalism for over 130 years. Readers can expect intelligent commentary from the industry greats, accurate insight and behind the scenes access.

You can expect regular exclusive columns from the likes of Olympic medallists Mary King, Mark Todd and Mark Phillips on disciplines such as showjumping, eventing, dressage, polo, racing and hunting. Horse and Hound will keep you up to date on the latest news, opinions, vet research and race reports from each sport, with unrivalled coverage of events from grassroots to Olympic level. Order your subscription today to keep in touch with the equestrian world.

In Recent Issues of Horse and Hound

Seven ways to keep your horse healthy all winter according to top vets… Expert towing: your ultimate guide to safe, smooth journeys… Carl Hester: the key to keeping older horses in action… What it takes to re-home an ex-racehorse, plus where the stars go… Vet news: the treatments giving hope for suspensory injuries… Mark Phillips: are the rules pushing riders to be unsafe?.. At home with 19-year-old Derby winner Mikey Pender… Why we all love a native – legendary, rare or going grand prix, here’s what makes natives special… Dressage special – how top riders channel energy… How to avoid buying a death trap horsebox.. Order your Horse & Hound subscription today for more fascinating equestrian coverage like this every week.

Who Reads Horse & Hound Magazine?

Horse & Hound is read by over 1.2 million equestrian enthusiasts, a mixture of professionals and aspiring amateurs. They are predominantly female, with an average age of 45. Most readers either own, share or loan a horse or pony.