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The Field Magazine

The authority on fieldsports since 1853, The Field remains the most popular magazine for those interested in game shooting, fly fishing, hunting and sporting dogs. It offers interesting content on all countryside matters and does so with its own unique style and wit.

The Field Magazine covers the practicalities of countryside pursuits, with tips from Olympians, professional anglers and other experts, and is beautifully illustrated with some of the best of outdoors photography. Order your subscription today.

In Recent Issues of The Field

Foraging for a supper party – making the most of nature’s wild harvest… Matching the hatch – find out what the fish are taking before selecting a fly… Keep on tracking: how to read the tell-tale signs left by prey and predator… Cult of the high pheasant – how to join the elite ranks of the tall-bird specialists… Look who’s stalking now – choosing the right dog for woodland deer control… Finding form on the shoot – how to recover quickly when the wheels fall off… Buying new kit for the season – top ties, shooting vests and hearing protection.. Order The Field Magazine subscription today for more in-depth articles every month.

Who Reads The Field Magazine?

People interested in all rural pursuits, readers are often landowners and farmers living in the countryside. The average age of a reader is 53.