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The Week Magazine

The Week is a unique and witty digest of the best journalism from British and international press. Subscribing to The Week Magazine will keep you up to date with current affairs both at home and abroad.

Both informative and entertaining, The Week is the best way to catch up on the week’s news and comment in just 1 hour. The magazine offers a quirky mix of practical information and hard-hitting commentary with a clear editorial voice and spirit of its own. In addition to keeping you up to date with the latest news, The Week also covers the arts, food, drink, travel and financial commentary.

Order a subscription to The Week now and take advantage of this great introductory offer – it really is a compulsory read every week.

In recent issues of The Week Magazine

What price a degree? The debt burden facing our students… The violent rappers who preach Christianity… The assault on child benefit – a cut too far?… How Monty won the Ryder Cup… How red is Ed? Milliband buries New Labour… Fending off madness in the Colombian jungle… Has Nick Clegg sold out? The fight to keep the Lib Dems on side… The plane crash that killed everyone but me… 24 hours in the life of the trapped miners… Why elephants are terrified of ants… The sex symbol shaking up American sport… Plus more great articles and features like this in every issue of The Week Magazine. Order your subscription today.

Who reads The Week Magazine?

The core audience is aged between 35 and 54 years old, and split almost 50-50% male/female. Readers of The Week are at the peak of their profession and earning power.

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The Week Magazine subscriptions start from just £0.00.

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