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The Spectator Magazine

The most influential magazine in Britain, The Spectator provides independence of opinion, elegance of expression and the sharpest analysis in any British magazine. It is also the oldest, continuously published magazine in the English language. Writers in The Spectator Magazine have no party line, their views range from left to right and their circumstances from high life to low life.

The Spectator is renowned for having opinions, often surprising and provocative but always elegantly and humorously expressed. In addition to politics, you’ll find unrivalled books and arts sections with witty and authoritative reviews of the latest fiction, non-fiction, events and shows. There are regular editorial specials on topics including schools, travel and money. Order your subscription to The Spectator today to keep up to date with the latest news from politics and beyond. Each issue will be delivered to your door for free.

In Recent Issues of The Spectator

The magic money tree – what can possibly go wrong?.. The fatal mistakes which lead to a lockdown… Mission impossible – Boris’s attempt to rewire the British government… The caution that almost cost us the Battle of Britain… China is testing the limits of India – and the world… Will Covid kill off the office… In defence of liberalism: resisting a new era of intolerance… The truth about America’s police culture… Is it too late to save Britain’s ash trees?.. The secret behind South Korea’s Covid success… Our duty to Honk Kong: the case for granting full British citizenship… Britain’s strange aversion to seafood… Bats don’t deserve all this bad publicity. Order your Spectator subscription today and enjoy reading the latest from the magazine each week.

Who Reads The Spectator Magazine?

Over 70,000 people read the print edition and there’s a good mix between men and women, all interested in the latest and sharpest political insight.