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VWt Lifestyle Magazine (formerly VW Camper & Bus Magazine)

Note that VW Camper & Bus Magazine has now rebranded as VWt Lifestyle Magazine. It covers all ages of VW camper vans, from the classics to the latest models and focuses on travel, leisure and the campervan lifestyle. Your VWt Lifestyle subscription gives you six issues every year with 100 pages in every issue.

The world’s number one VW Camper magazine, VWt Lifestyle covers everything related to the entire range of iconic VW Transporters, from the T1 Split Screen Bus to the latest California 6.1. Subscribers will find a variety of fantastic content, from in-depth articles revisiting the history of those classic VW camper vans to expert maintenance tips and inspirational stories of projects and road trips from real-life van owners.

Readers looking to buy a new or second-hand camper will love the buying guides and in-depth model reviews and the knowledgeable writers who detail how to care for and get the most from their dream vans. Those who like to get their hands dirty will appreciate the technical advice and tutorials for restoring, converting or modifying their vehicle. Plus, expect plenty of news, events and photos from the VW camper community. Order your VWt Lifestyle Magazine subscription today and never miss an issue, with free delivery to your door.

In recent issues

  • Camper conversions to suit all budgets.
  • Van on a mission: UK to South Africa in a T5.1.
  • Timewarp LT28: Retro camping with a difference.
  • Walk on the wild side: The top 10 off-grid essentials.
  • Great escapes: 50 bucket list weekend getaways.
  • Myth or reality? Beginner’s guide to camper van ownership.
  • World’s best Deluxe! 23-window ’63 Camper rescued from a snowy wilderness.

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Who reads VWt Lifestyle?

This is the perfect magazine for anyone who owns – or dreams of owning – a VW camper van.

How much is a subscription to VWt Lifestyle Magazine?

VWt Lifestyle Magazine subscriptions start from just £5.99.

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