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Women’s Running Magazine

The UK’s first running magazine specifically for women, Women’s Running Magazine will help you become a better runner and offers all the guidance, support and motivation you need to get out there. Voted lifestyle magazine of the year in 2020, Women’s Running is packed with essential advice on training and nutrition, useful kit reviews and inspirational real-life runners’ stories.

In each issue you’ll find detailed workout plans, guidance on running and training techniques to reduce your risk of becoming injured and features on other activities like yoga and mindfulness that will help you to become a more rounded athlete. You’ll also find plenty of fantastic recipes designed to be both nutritious and delicious, plus hear from other women runners, both professionals and non-pros about what works for them. Check out the great Women’s Running Magazine subscription offers above and you will save on the regular newsagent price with free delivery to your door.

In Recent Issues of Women’s Running

  • Ready, set go – use the power of your mind to run stronger and longer
  • AJ Odudu on finding her perfect pace
  • Proprioception – the one skill you need to run better on the trails
  • Injured? Yes you CAN still train
  • The best new season shoes – we’ve run in them all!
  • Happy hour: run for 60 minutes non-stop in just 8 weeks
  • Suzie Cave on competing with the best, and loving it – “I never expected to be on the world stage with Olympians
  • Strava uncovered – your number one running buddy
  • Muscle masterclass to fire your training
  • Workout special: 8 must-do moves to run pain-free
  • What to eat to run further and faster
  • Game changer: build a solid running routine and stick to it forever
  • Run for good – use running to bring joy and find balance

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Who Reads Women’s Running Magazine?

Active, enthusiastic women, who choose running as a way to enrich and enhance their lives. Women’s Running Magazine is suitable for anyone from complete beginners and weekend joggers to gym junkies and marathon runners.