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Runner’s World Magazine

Every issue of Runner’s World Magazine provides authoritative, helpful advice and tips for runners of all ages and abilities. Runner’s World is an inspirational and motivational magazine and provides essential training and health information to inform, advise and motivate runners and help them to achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World magazine also includes the latest gear reviews and a wealth of other articles to give you the maximum benefit from running in the minimum amount of time. It’s the UK’s most popular running magazine, so don’t miss out – get your Runners World Subscription today!

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Get in great shape – fuel up right, nail your pace and beat the wall… Easy meals for all day energy… A special for beginners – quit-proof your running today… 4 moves to beat post-run pain… The Runner’s World Magazine global running report – find out what you can learn from the rest of the world… 13 surefire motivation boosters… Eat great and lose weight – 8 simple food swaps… Think yourself fitter – how you can get 5% more endurance instantly… From rock bottom to Olympic gold: a running fairytale… Break out of your training rut… For more great articles like this, order your Runner’s World subscription now and get the magazine every month.