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BBC History Magazine

Your monthly guide to the history of Britain and the world, BBC History Magazine brings history to life with informative, lively and entertaining articles written by some of the world’s leading historians and journalists. Whether it is the grand history of our politics and institutions or the fascinating stories of our private lives through the ages, a BBC History subscription will shed new light on the past and help you to make more sense of today’s world.

You’ll find features exploring everything from ancient civilisations, to modern social and political history. Everything is meticulously researched for accuracy and the articles are beautifully illustrated to bring the stories to life. Subscribers will benefit from the following:

  • Free unlimited access to and the ad-free app where you’ll find thousands of articles written by history experts. You’ll also get access to video lectures, history masterclasses, podcast episodes, bookazines and more.
  • Suggestions for heritage trips in the UK and abroad.
  • A guide to the best history shows on TV each month.
  • Reviews of the latest history-focused books.
  • Free delivery to your door.

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In recent issues of BBC History

Charles I: Has history been too hard on him?.. Ten photographs that shook the world… The Crusades: For God or profit?.. Nelson Mandela: Historians assess his legacy… 1914 – the shock of war: How suffragettes, strikes & Ireland diverted Britain’s attention a century ago… The Celts: How Europes ‘savages’ created a culture that rivalled ancient Rome… Stonehenge: A tourist hotspot for 4,000 years… Hitler’s arctic foes: The naval convoys that the Nazis couldn’t suppress… How the Black Death changed Britain… Alfred the Great: He beat the Vikings but was it just luck?.. The enigma of JFK: Great president or stylish mediocrity… How the Cold War invaded Britain’s homes… Nelson: How he forged his own legend… Sex, death & sausages: On stage in ancient Greece… Order your BBC History Magazine subscription today for more insightful articles like this every month.

Who reads BBC History Magazine?

A mix of men and women, all of whom share a keen interest in UK & world history.

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BBC History Magazine subscriptions start from just £24.99.

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