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All About History Magazine

Bringing history to life for kids and adults alike, All About History Magazine delves into the breathtaking stories from our past. Leading experts and historians share the secrets, facts and myths from the history of our world. You’ll find incredible stories about ancient empires, from the Romans to the Aztecs, and tales of heroism from the major world wars. You will learn about the most influential people in history, both the heroes and the villains, look inside some of the most amazing historical buildings and discover the machinery that forever changed the way we live.

In All About History you’ll find out about the events that shaped our world – the natural disasters, wars, political revolutions and social movements that brought about change. All of this is brought together with stunning visuals. Plus, be the first to hear about new research and discoveries with interviews of leading historians and anthropologists, as well as reviews of the latest historical movies and books. Compare the All About History Magazine subscription offers above and you can save on the individual cover price and get free delivery to your door.

In recent issues of All About History

  • Battle of Britain: The many behind the few; expert battle breakdown; fighter ace interview
  • Countess Dracula: The truth of Bathory’s ‘blood bath’
  • Medieval world’s best inventions – ten genius innovations that changed the world
  • Mayflower myths: Do we actually have the Pilgrims all wrong?
  • Murder in Rome: The bloody reality of ancient politics
  • Rise of the Zulu empire – how an exile used war and political guile to become Africa’s conquering king
  • 20 greatest hoaxes in history
  • Who were the Celts? – uncover the mysteries of Europe’s pagan past
  • A 14th Century feminist’s life – the medieval poet who took on the patriarchy
  • Secrets of the Samurai: Rise of the warrior elite; Katana craft explained; Death and duty – Bushido decoded
  • World Wars in colour – remarkable restorations revealed
  • History of chocolate – from ancient elixir to Victorian treat

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History lovers of all ages – the magazine is suitable for both children and adults.

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All About History Magazine subscriptions start from just £12.00.

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