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BBC History Revealed Magazine

Focusing on great stories from history, BBC History Revealed Magazine brings the past to life, retelling famous episodes from the past in a fun, visually compelling and engaging way. It’s the perfect magazine for history enthusiasts and will appeal to those who are looking to discover more about the true stories touched upon in print, film and television shows. Who were the real Peaky Blinders? Did Robin Hood really exist? Who was the first billionaire? Was Colonel Sanders really a Colonel?

Find out about defining global catastrophes, ancient civilizations, the secrets of history’s most iconic names and re-live the wars that changed the world.

History Revealed Magazine readers cherish the escapism that comes from reading stories of the past and appreciate the opportunity to step away from the modern world. Don’t miss out, order your BBC History Revealed subscription today and get free delivery to your door each month.

In recent issues of History Revealed

Secrets of the Cold War spies – the thrilling lives of history’s real James Bonds… The complete story of the Norman Conquest – Marc Morris answers the key questions about 1066… Sergeant Stubby – the courageous canine who became a WW1 American hero… Queen of the waves – how Gertrude Ederle swam her way into the record books… What if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t been assassinated?.. Life and death in Ancient Egypt – secrets and myths of the Egyptian underworld… Houses through time – the changing face of British homes… Becoming Braveheart – how William Wallace became a hero of Scotland… The day the music died – Buddy Holly and Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest tragedy… The birth of Disneyland… The mystery of Van Gogh’s missing ear. Order your BBC History Revealed Magazine subscription today for more fascinating stories like these every month.

Who reads BBC History Revealed Magazine?

History enthusiasts and families who seek ways to inspire their children to take an interest in the past.

How much is a subscription to BBC History Revealed Magazine?

BBC History Revealed Magazine subscriptions start from just £19.99.

How do I subscribe?

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