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Boxing News Magazine

The world’s best fight magazine, order a Boxing News subscription now and never miss a bout again. Every week you’ll be taken ringside for exclusive match reports with the stats from all the biggest international fights, plus coverage of smaller local competitions. Enjoy fascinating pre-fight analysis of upcoming contests from experienced boxing pundits and regular contributions from big-name sporting legends. Discover up-and-coming talent and gain insights into the mindset and routines of established boxers.

Boxing News Magazine features hard-hitting interviews with stars both past and present, up to date competition schedules, rankings and all the ringside gossip you could want. There’s also a rotating guest column featuring words from big names like Amir Khan and Tyson Fury, along with training tips and more. Subscribe to Boxing News today and get free delivery to your door every week.

In recent issues

  • Fond Farewell: Ringside with Brook and Khan in Manchester.
  • The Entertainer: Eubank Jnr underlines his appeal against Williams but what does his future hold?
  • The $41 million fight – Fury-Whyte and 24 crazy hours.
  • The Godfather: A tribute to Brian Hughes.
  • Sliding doors – pivotal moments in boxing history.
  • The Boogeyman: Mosley reflects on Forrest rivalry.
  • Ratings and predictions for the best upcoming fights this year.

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Who reads Boxing News?

The magazine is a must-read for all true boxing fans who want to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the sport.

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Boxing News Magazine subscriptions start from just £9.99.

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