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Unfortunately, Jacqueline Wilson Magazine is no longer published.

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There are currently no print subscription offers for The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine.
If you're looking for a great gift, consider the Jacqueline Wilson Annual 2023 instead.
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The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine

Based on the work of the award-winning author, The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine is the perfect gift for young girls up to the age of 12 who love reading, writing, art and being creative. In each monthly issue you’ll find fun content from the world of Jacqueline Wilson to inspire young minds and promote creativity. With your Jacqueline Wilson Magazine subscription, you will enjoy exclusive sneak preview stories and secrets, writing advice, ideas for fun stuff to make and drawing tips from illustrator Nick Sharratt.

Girls will find plenty to keep them occupied and will love learning more about their favourite Jacqueline Wilson characters. The magazine is also dyslexia friendly with easy to read stories and lots of fun quizzes. Subscribe to The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine today and get each issue delivered through your letterbox every month before it’s available in the shops. You will also receive some fantastic free gifts with every copy.

In recent issues

  • Discover wonderful women writers, and Jacky’s top books revealed!
  • Brunch goals: Make rainbow pancakes.
  • Solve Matty & Tilly’s bestie puzzles.
  • Jacqueline Wilson’s handwriting masterclass.
  • Awesome journal ideas to fill your diary.
  • How to host your own fun sleepover.
  • Make a cool nail art style spinner.

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Who reads The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine?

7-12 year old girls who love reading and creating.