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Unfortunately, Planet Mindful Magazine is no longer published.

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Unfortunately, Planet Mindful Magazine is no longer published.
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Planet Mindful Magazine

Published six times a year, Planet Mindful Magazine is the magazine for those looking for a calm life. You’ll find some great, well-rounded content on how to improve every aspect of your life, with regular sections on Mind & Body, Relationships and Living. Planet Mindful will provide you with some easy but powerful mindfulness techniques, helping you to slow down and strengthen your mental health. You’ll also find delicious recipes that will improve your physical health and ideas to reduce stress at home.

For long-lasting ideas that will help you to become happier every day, take a look at the Planet Mindful Magazine subscription offers above.

In recent issues of Planet Mindful

  • Eco-therapy guide: Heal your soul with nature
  • 12 ways to feel happier every day
  • Learn to embrace change and let go of the past
  • Living with less: Are your possessions making you stressed?
  • Banish loneliness by managing your social networks
  • Planet-friendly vegan meals
  • Eastern wisdom: Wellbeing practices from Japan
  • How to make peace with your inner critic
  • Spring Yoga: Detox the body and energise the mind
  • Once upon a time – the healing power of reading
  • Use mindfulness to help you and your children stay calm
  • The many faces of love that can enrich our lives
  • Ditch the diet and discover the joy of intuitive eating

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Who reads Planet Mindful Magazine?

People who are looking for something different in their lives, who want to slow things down and improve their mental health and wellbeing.