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Vegan Food & Living Magazine

The UK’s best selling vegan magazine, Vegan Food & Living features at least 65 plant-based recipes in every issue. The magazine is committed to bringing you only factually correct information and features a dedicated nutrition section, advice on cooking techniques and new trends, as well as gourmet travel guides. Plus, there is a focus on important ethical issues and the latest news from the vegan world.

There’s a huge variety in the recipes, with everything from quick snacks and finger food, to the perfect vegan Sunday lunch and dreamy desserts. Enjoy inspiration from around the world with Mexican street food, Italian delicacies and mouth-watering Indian curries. Learn how to cook fantastic vegan feasts from scratch with fresh ingredients, and not just taking the easy route using fake meat substitutes.

In the magazine you’ll also find some fascinating celebrity interviews, vegan product reviews and plenty of discussion on surrounding topics. For instance, find out how reduce your impact on the environment, plan an ethical holiday, and learn whether we should try to avoid palm oil.

This is what you will receive with your Vegan Food & Living subscription:

  • 12 issues of the print magazine every year, delivered to your home each month in recyclable paper wrapping.
  • Access to the Vegan Food & Living Digital Archive which includes all previous issues (all the way back to issue 1) and each new issue as it’s published. This can be viewed on any web browser and gives you instant access to thousands of recipes and tips.
  • The Vegan Food & Living e-newsletter twice a week, with news, advice and recipes.
  • Occasional treats and freebies for subscribers.
  • Subscriber-only competitions.
  • Exclusive discounts on plant-based products.

The award-winning Vegan Food & Living Magazine is printed on carbon-neutral 100% recycled paper. It will teach you about nutrition and show you how to take your culinary skills to the next level. Get your subscription today and start living your best vegan life.

In recent issues of Vegan Food & Living

Cook up a vegan feast with just five ingredients… Street food – cook up exciting new dishes from all corners of the globe… Explore the world’s most eco-friendly locations… Seasonal fashion – cruelty-free ways to keep warm and look good this winter… DIY beauty – how to make your own natural skincare products… BOSH!’s guide to cooking on a budget… Make your own cheese – vegan versions of blue cheese, mozzarella sticks, smoked cheddar and more… Animal advocacy – meet the remarkable women placing themselves on the frontline for animals… Zero waste – top ways to start your journey, plus how to use up food waste… Better health – discover how veganism can truly transform your health… How to cook Wagamama’s best vegan dishes at home.. Order your Vegan Food & Living subscription today for more delicious features like this every month.

Who reads Vegan Food & Living Magazine?

It isn’t only vegans who read Vegan Food & Living – many readers just like to eat healthy food and seek inspiration for new recipes, or are vegetarian and trying to switch to a vegan diet. The average reader is female and in their mid-thirties.

How much is a subscription to Vegan Food & Living Magazine?

Vegan Food & Living Magazine subscriptions start from just £5.00.

How do I subscribe?

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