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Platinum Magazine

The new magazine for women 55+ who are in the prime of their lives, Platinum has everything from in-depth reads to the latest from the world of wellbeing. Both entertaining and inspiring, it is an upbeat treat to look forward to each month, with a warm tone of voice and intelligent, thought-provoking writing. With a curated panel of household names as writers, Platinum offers trusted advice and recommendations that you can’t get anywhere else, with sections on Travel, Fashion & Beauty, Homes & Gardens, Health & Wellbeing, Food & Drink, Finance, People and Reviews.

Platinum magazine celebrates the diverse lives of brilliant women, and will inspire you to live your best life. Get your subscription today, delivered to your door for free – it’s the only magazine you’ll need.

In recent issues of Platinum

Dawn French: “Women are amazing”… Eat for life: how not to diet; plant-based power; seasonal recipes… The vagus nerve – intrigued? You should be… Luxe trips for less; boutique hotel treats; Jasmine Harman’s insider travel tips… Fillers, tweakments or surgery – are they worth it?.. Get a life lift: eat for energy; strength training; keep on dancing… Inspiring stories: the power of friendship; together we’re stronger; my joy at a silent retreat… Twiggy: “No rules, I do it my way”… Healthy wealthy and wise: the power of sleep; investing for beginners; safe solo travel… Order your Platinum magazine subscription to read fascinating, topical articles like this every month.

Who reads Platinum Magazine?

Platinum is aimed at women over 55 who are up-to-date in both style and attitude, and interested in exploring the world around them.

How much is a subscription to Platinum Magazine?

Platinum Magazine subscriptions start from just £29.70.

How do I subscribe?

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