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My Weekly Magazine

Your feel good read, My Weekly Magazine has the perfect mix of great reading to inspire and entertain. Featuring celebrity news, exclusive interviews and engrossing fiction writing, plus mouth-watering recipes, practical health advice, fashion and beauty tips. It’s the perfect warm-hearted read for the mature woman.

My Weekly Magazine will keep you entertained through each week with plenty to read and masses of puzzles, brain teasers and competitions. You’ll also love the regular reader letters and Q&As which really make you feel like being part of a lovely community. Treat yourself to a My Weekly Magazine subscription now and have your copy delivered to your door every week.

In recent issues of My Weekly

  • Maureen Lipman – “You just have to go for it!
  • 12 ways to be happy and healthy at home.
  • Aled Jones – “My new album has been cathartic.”
  • 16 pages of Christmas fiction.
  • Gaby Roslin on the power of positivity.
  • Health update – easy steps to boost your immunity.
  • Hampers to make and buy.
  • Gillian Anderson – meet The Crown’s Iron Lady.
  • Zoom-ready beauty looks.
  • Emmerdale’s Natalie Robb on life, love and happiness.
  • Perfumes to suit your personality.
  • Matt Baker: “Family is the most important thing.

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Who reads My Weekly Magazine?

My Weekly is the fun and vibrant magazine for women everywhere. The average reader age is 56.

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My Weekly Magazine subscriptions start from just £4.00.

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