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Psychologies Magazine

A more sophisticated women’s magazine, Psychologies eschews celebrity gossip in favour of more intellectual material. That said, it remains an entertaining and fun magazine throughout and maintains a huge reader base in the UK. A Psychologies Magazine subscription will enrich your life with insight and guidance every month. It will help you find out more about yourself and become the person you want to be.

Psychologies Magazine covers everything from work and relationships to beauty, travel, culture and more. It features real life stories and practical advice. Get your subscription today and start feeding your curiosity.

In Recent Issues of Psychologies

Stop dreaming, start doing – how to get anything done… Make peace with food – why you overeat and how to break the pattern… Should you stay friends with your ex?.. Be more assertive and get respect from family, friends, colleagues and even strangers… Jodie Foster – I’ve had tough times, but now I’m free… Who is your ideal partner? The 6 couple types decoded… Names, faces, facts – how to improve your memory… Can hypnotherapy really help you lose weight?.. How to be an optimist and make positive thinking work for you… Are we too obsessed with looking good?.. Order your Psychologies subscription today for more insightful articles like this every month.

Who Reads Psychologies Magazine?

Educated women in their 30s with good jobs are the main audience of Psychologies Magazine. More often than not, this tends to be the only magazine they subscribe to.