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Puzzler Collection Magazine

The UK’s biggest selling puzzle magazine, Puzzler Collection features 121 fantastic puzzles for you to complete each month, and who doesn’t love a good brainteaser? With the range of different puzzles available, there is something for everyone here, whether you favourites are Sudoku, crosswords, word search, spot the difference, cryptics or logic puzzles. Puzzler Collection magazine also features some less well known – but no less fun – puzzles to keep things new and interesting, with games such as Boxwise, Pieceword, Outsider, Dateline and Cross Quiz. There are also child-friendly puzzles to complete with your children (or grandchildren).

Order your Puzzler Collection Magazine subscription today and you’ll get free delivery to your door every month and have the chance of winning over £2,500 in cash prizes with competition puzzles in every issue..

What will I get with my Puzzler Collection Subscription?

  • 121 puzzles every month
  • Free delivery
  • The chance to win over £2,500 in every issue
  • Fun puzzles to play with children
  • Classic puzzles like Crosswords and Sudoku, with plenty of variations
  • Cryptic, logic and mathematical puzzles

Who reads Puzzler Collection Magazine?

For anyone who likes a range of different puzzles and wants to keep their brain active, Puzzler Collection is the perfect magazine, so order your Puzzler Collection subscription today for enough puzzles to keep you going throughout the month!

How much is a subscription to Puzzler Collection Magazine?

Puzzler Collection Magazine subscriptions start from just £22.00.

How do I subscribe?

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  3. At checkout you can choose whether to receive the magazine yourself or to purchase Puzzler Collection Magazine as a gift subscription.