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Rouleur Magazine

The award-winning cycling journal, Rouleur Magazine channels the passion and beauty of road cycling onto paper for the discerning cyclist. Obsessed with the rich heritage of the sport, Rouleur goes behind the scenes of the world’s biggest races and looks back at intriguing moments from the annals of cycling history. You’ll find each copy of your Rouleur Magazine subscription to be exquisitely designed, featuring jaw-dropping photography and perfectly crafted words.

In each edition you’ll enjoy unique insights into the lives of cyclists at the top of their game, in-depth analysis of the most recent competitions and interviews with key names in the sport. It’s a magazine written by cycling obsessives and one you’ll cherish and want to collect. Compare our Rouleur Magazine subscription offers above, save on the normal price and get free delivery to your door.

In recent issues of Rouleur

  • The Wout factor: What’s next for the Belgian wonderboy?
  • Calen Ewan: The Australian is hungry for more cycling success.
  • Life on two wheels in Baltimore – fitting in, standing out, freedom and rebellion.
  • Olympic gold medal-winning GB team pursuiters Elinor Barker, Katie Archibald and Paralympic racer Hannah Dines talk success, sexism and what Madison racing has to do with Shakespeare.
  • Vuelta a España captured by Eugene Kim.
  • Brodie Chapman: Mountain biker, courier, student and hitch-hiker, all before her meteoric ascent to the women’s WorldTour.
  • Team Emirates climber Joe Dombrowski talks Rouleur through his off-the-bike indispensables.
  • Gangsters, great Danes, seven-hour slogs and gods of the road: noteworthy tales from the Giro d’Italia from 1919 to 1920.
  • Daniel Stewart wanted to be a pro cyclist but it didn’t go quite how he hoped – reflections on his turbulent times in the ratrace.

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Who reads Rouleur Magazine?

From keen amateur cyclists to professionals, Rouleur is enjoyed by a loyal, passionate fanbase who love the depth to the writing and beautiful design and imagery. It’s the ideal choice for any cycling fan who’s tired of the formulaic nature of many other magazines.

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Rouleur Magazine subscriptions start from just £78.00.

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