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The Phoenix Comic

Embark on a captivating journey with The Phoenix Magazine, a weekly comic anthology that ignites the imaginations of young readers aged 6-14. Children will dive into a world of thrilling adventures, captivating stories and non-fiction pieces that will spark a lifelong love of reading and creativity.

Action, comedy and epic adventures!

The Phoenix comic features a diverse range of comic strips and stories that explore themes of friendship, courage and overcoming challenges. Witness the extraordinary adventures of superheroes, embark on fantastical quests and unravel mysteries that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats. It’s bright, colourful and often silly too, providing some much-needed light relief from school homework!

Fun brain-teasers and interesting non-fiction

The Phoenix encourages young minds to explore the world around them, fostering curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. They will delve into fascinating subjects like science, history and the wonders of nature, all presented in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

The Phoenix Magazine is also a valuable tool for developing literacy and problem-solving skills. Engaging puzzles, quizzes and word games will challenge your child’s mental agility and help them develop critical thinking abilities. The Phoenix Book Club recommends a new book each week that will really inspire and encourage your children to read more.

Get creative!

The skills hub features step-by-step drawing guides that will teach children to draw characters, animals and environments. They will learn to develop and write their own stories, exploring their creative side.

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Who reads The Phoenix comic?

It’s perfect for girls and boys aged 6-14 who love reading and want to explore their creative side.

How much is a subscription to The Phoenix Magazine?

The Phoenix Magazine subscriptions start from just £1.00.

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