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25 Beautiful Homes Magazine

Showcasing some of the most stunning homes from the UK and abroad, 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine delivers inspiration on every page. Each issue features a detailed look at 25 unique homes, all carefully selected for their interesting character and stylish interior design. With a wide spectrum of properties, from the traditional to the ultra-modern, and locations, with everything from city penthouses to rural retreats, your 25 Beautiful Homes subscription will always deliver new ideas to use in your own home.

The magazine explores everything from the architecture and layout of the home to the choice of materials, finishes and use of colour. Clear, gorgeous photography highlights the features and furnishings of each room, with key items, designers and stockists listed alongside so you can copy the look or research further ideas. There is a strong focus on real, lived-in homes, so you’ll find plenty of personal touches and unique features that reflect the owners’ distinct personalities.

In addition to the inspirational property tours, your 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine subscription will also provide practical tips and ideas for your own home projects. Learn how the experts use rich colour, find out how to hang perfect wallpaper and discover how designers create flow between rooms. You’ll find plenty of secrets and tricks from designers that you can use yourself, whether you’re working on a small DIY project or a full home renovation.

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In recent issues

  • Dressed to impress: A stylish converted farmhouse, clever ideas for a maisonette and a renovated factory.
  • Great ideas for upholstery, window treatments and glass extensions.
  • Reinventing the way you live: How to create a home that calms, uplifts and inspires.
  • Room to expand: Revamped homes from London to East Sussex.
  • 98 cracking Christmas looks: Readers open their doors and welcome you in.
  • A home in The Highlands: Creating the maximum space with the minimum spend.

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Who reads 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine?

A must-read for anyone interested in home design, 25 Beautiful Homes is perfect for aspirational homeowners with a sense of personal style. Its loyal community of readers enjoy looking inside other people’s homes and exploring their designs for inspiration.

How much is a subscription to 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine?

25 Beautiful Homes Magazine subscriptions start from just £12.00.

How do I subscribe?

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