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Bird Watching Magazine

Britain’s best-selling bird magazine, Bird Watching Magazine is full of advice from ornithologists on where to find and how to identify the nation’s abundant bird species. Regular magazine features include an in-depth look at different British birds, from common garden visitors to rare species. Helped by stunning photography, you’ll learn how to identify and differentiate different birds, the best times and places to spot them and find out about the latest sightings from around the country.

The Bird Watching Magazine monthly guide shows what you could spot each month, whether flying overhead or in your local area, and gives you plenty of tips to spot more. In each issue there are reviews of new birdwatching gear, from clothing to binoculars, all tested in the field by experts. You’ll also find plenty of discussion about the issues facing birds, including climate change and habitat conservation, from highly respected journalists. Check out the fantastic Bird Watching Magazine subscription offers above, save on the individual cover price and start enjoying the wealth of bird life in the UK.

In recent issues of Bird Watching

  • Miracles of migration: Find awesome autumn birds like Wryneck on your patch
  • 10 new site guides to see more birds on the move
  • Bird photographer of the year – see this year’s stunning winners
  • Mistle Thrush mysteries – Dominic Couzens uncovers their secret lives
  • Bouncing back – why Spoonbills could soon be at a wetland near you
  • Mighty midget – discover Storm Petrels, the seabirds the size of a sparrow
  • How birding can change your life
  • 10 great new routes from Northumberland to Norfolk and Dumfries to Devon
  • How to take great photos of birds in the bath
  • ID challenge – learn to separate juvenile waders
  • How to spot amazing birds in urban gardens
  • Bouncing back: why the House Sparrow’s fortunes have started to revive
  • 6 forgotten birds for you to recognise

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UK birdwatchers of all levels of ability – anyone looking to improve their birdwatching skills.

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