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Digital Photographer Magazine

Designed to capture and inspire readers, Digital Photographer Magazine offers practical advice for both enthusiasts and pros. The monthly photography magazine was launched in 2002 and has continually evolved as digital technology has improved. In each issue you will find hands-on previews and reviews of the latest gear (camera bodies, lenses, accessories and more), practical guides for creating professional images across any style of photography and in-depth tutorials on different shooting techniques, photo editing and the business of photography.

The magazine features interviews with top professionals who offer plenty of advice for enthusiastic photographers. Throughout the magazine you’ll find stunning showcases of images from Digital Photographer readers and a look into the portfolios of photo professionals. Order your Digital Photographer Magazine subscription today and you can make a huge saving on the regular cover price, while making sure you never miss a copy.

In Recent Issues of Digital Photographer

  • Master the light – Take better landscapes, work in all weathers, expose like a pro and capture bold colour
  • Canon EOS R6 rated and reviewed
  • Shoot a vertorama – fill the frame with tall subjects
  • Group tests – the best ND filter sets
  • Why switch to CSC? The Digital Photographer Magazine expert mirrorless camera guide
  • The pro guide to urban photography – find locations, master exposure, frame with impact and control light
  • Powerful landscapes: shoot views with maximum depth
  • Career advice: sell more shots now. How to create work that clients will love
  • Macro masterclass – capture amazing close-ups with in-depth tutorials and expert tips
  • Wildlife secrets: 10 photography pros share their ultimate images and shoot locations
  • Wedding photography – expert tricks you need to capture the perfect big day
  • Urban icons – discover the electric portfolio of Mike Will

Get your Digital Photographer subscription today and enjoy more expert tutorials, tips and photo showcases every month.

Who Reads Digital Photographer Magazine?

From amateurs to professionals, this is a magazine for anyone who wants to improve their digital photography skills.