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The world’s leading serious history title, History Today Magazine covers all aspects of world history, from all time periods, and shows how what happened in the past really matters now. In each issue you’ll find authoritative new research articles alongside traditional stories that have been passed down through generations. Find out everything there is to know about key events in our history that have shaped the present day.

Enjoy the intriguing analysis and research by academic authors and leading historians presented in each issue of History Today, all backed by wonderful photography and illustrations. Don’t miss out, compare our History Today Magazine subscription offers above and have the world’s longest running monthly history magazine delivered to your door.

In recent issues of History Today

  • Downfall: The Goths take Rome.
  • Professional pioneer: The Wild West’s medicine woman.
  • A realm on the rocks: England’s greatest royal tragedy.
  • The price of slavery: Africa now and then.
  • The Wars of the Roses: The queen who lost everything.
  • Caught between empires: The last Sikh queen.
  • East India Company: Massacre, collaboration and power.
  • Heretics beware: History Today reveals the truth about the Roman Inquisition.
  • Liberia at 200: The state built by former slaves.
  • The Inca’s last stand.
  • Go west! The Mayflower at 400.
  • Covid-19 and the legacy of China’s colonial past.

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