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Nature Journal

The leading international science journal, Nature is well regarded for publishing ground-breaking and influential science news and information every week. Covering all fields of science and technology, Nature publishes the finest peer-reviewed research that is original, important, timely and accessible to all.

In addition to its landmark papers, Nature has award winning news, leading comment and expert opinions on the latest scientific events and discoveries. Subscribe to the number one science journal in the world today and receive your copy delivered to your door each week.

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Clearing the bottleneck – engineered enzyme promises efficient route to recycle and reuse PET plastics… Polar opposite – evidence for a temperate rainforest near the South pole 90 million years ago… Glowing report – thermal image reveals porous nature of primitive asteroid… Variety show – long-term effects of agriculture on biodiversity… Small wonder – complete shell of diminutive dinosaur preserved in amber… Saturation point – the ability of tropical forests to sequester CO2 is in decline… Twisted nerves – solid tumours manipulate neurons to promote cancer growth… Mapping the future – how the brain keeps track of everything that might happen next… Order your Nature Journal subscription today to read more of what matters in science every week.

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Because of its accessibility, Nature is read by a huge range of individuals interested in science, while subscribers also include research professionals, professors, students and authors.

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