What to expect in each golf magazine

Whether you're just starting to get into the game or regularly go round in well under par, you're sure to find a golf magazine you'll enjoy reading. Order a subscription and you'll be kept up to date with the latest golf news, find interviews with the biggest names from around the world in both the men's and women's game, as well as learn about the young stars coming up through the ranks. You'll find previews and analyses of all the major golf tournaments, reviews of UK courses and in-depth tests of the latest clubs, equipment and accessories.

Plus, no matter which golf magazine subscription you choose you'll find plenty of tips and lessons to follow to improve every aspect of your game, so the next time you're on the tee you'll hopefully be hitting further and more accurately, getting that handicap down.

Which golf magazine subscription is right for you?

  • Today's Golfer and Golf Monthly are good, all-round titles with 13 issues per year that are bound to please any golf fan.
  • Bunkered is the perfect choice for those living (or playing regularly) in Scotland as it's the only magazine that's produced there and therefore has a particular focus on Scottish golf courses.
  • National Club Golfer is published less frequently but may be a title you recognise from your local clubhouse and offers great value for money.