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Autocar Magazine

The original weekly car mag, Autocar Magazine is the first for news and reviews every week. Founded in 1895, Autocar is a global automotive authority and places its highly-regarded road tests at the heart of each issue, with over 500 cars tested every year. Backed by some of the best photography in the business, you will find all the latest new and used car reviews, hot scoops on upcoming models and concepts, plus fantastic exclusives on everything from classics to the latest supercars. If motoring is in your blood, you’ll love an Autocar Magazine subscription.

The Autocar team are passionate about cars and deliver expertly written columns on all aspects of motoring, including motorsports coverage and behind-the-scenes access from key industry events. You’ll find head-to-head tests, buying guides and fantastic opinion pieces from the best in the business. Check out our Autocar Magazine subscription offers above, save on the cover price and enjoy delivery to your doorstep.

In recent issues of Autocar

  • Britain’s 10 best cars: The everyday heroes we love most
  • Why diesel is nearly dead
  • The future of McLaren
  • 30 years on: Figaro – Nissan’s cult classic
  • New Golf GTI vs Focus ST: Why fast Ford beats VW’s icon – a better hot hatch, and it’s cheaper too
  • Rated: The new Land Rover Defender – just as capable, better to drive
  • DBX road test: Aston nails the sports SUV
  • New S-Class driven: Mercedes reinvents the luxury car
  • Inside a spit and sawdust car auction
  • Used buying guide: The £1k forgotten fast Ford
  • The V8 is dead – Shock new Merc C63 – purists, look away, AMG is changing the super-saloon forever
  • Why Covid hasn’t hurt car sales

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