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Minecraft World Magazine

The world’s best selling Minecraft magazine, Minecraft World is your independent guide to the hugely popular open-world computer game. With the perfect balance of content to suit those just getting started as well as long term players, Minecraft World has everything needed to keep young gamers entertained all month. In each issue they’ll enjoy expert advice on how to get the most out of Minecraft with tutorials, tips, tricks and more.

Order a Minecraft World Magazine subscription now for all the latest updates and information on new releases and upgrades. Start using those blocks to build incredible worlds featuring castles, forests, houses, rollercoasters and mazes. You’ll find step-by-step project guides and handpicked reader showcases for inspiration in every issue. It’s the only magazine you need to master Minecraft!

In recent issues of Minecraft World

  • The full round-up of Minecraft’s big new announcements.
  • Make your own end portal.
  • Build a respawn anchor.
  • Make yourself something spooky for Halloween: 10 creepy constructions to try out.
  • Create fireworks in Minecraft!
  • Build an underwater city.
  • Biome secrets revealed.
  • 51 Minecraft challenges – how many can you complete?
  • Woodland mansions – all you need to know.
  • How to use hoppers.
  • Win Minecraft Lego.

Order a Minecraft World subscription now for yourself or as a gift and the magazine will be delivered to your door every month.

Who reads Minecraft World Magazine?

This is the perfect read for young gamers who want to get creative and master the unique game of Minecraft.

How much is a subscription to Minecraft World Magazine?

Minecraft World Magazine subscriptions start from just £5.00.

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