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PlayStation Official Magazine

The authority on PlayStation gaming, PlayStation Official Magazine (also known as OPM) is the best source of game previews, in-depth reviews and news for PS5, PS4, PS Vita and PlayStation VR. The magazine delves into the latest developments from Sony and goes behind the scenes with some of the greatest games developers around. You’ll find detailed reviews of the latest PS games, both triple-A blockbusters and indie standouts, exclusive previews of upcoming titles and a look back at some of the classic games that were way ahead of their time.

OPM writers know what they’re talking about and will give you inside knowledge on a diverse range of games. If you love PlayStation gaming, check out the fantastic PlayStation Official Magazine subscription offers above and you can save on the regular newsagent price while also getting free delivery to your door.

In recent issues of PlayStation Official

  • Access all areas: Cyberpunk 2077, taste the future – new weapons, mechs and more revealed
  • Oddworld: Soulstorm – Lorne Lanning teases how PS5’s new social features will work
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Sharpen your axe and wax your beard, the Vikings are coming
  • How Arkane’s Deathloop is reinventing multiplayer
  • Goodbye Volcano High – get emotional with PS5’s dino crisis
  • Hitman 3: PS5’s first killer game? IO Interactive talks to OPM about Agent 47’s next-gen hit-in-the-making
  • Far Cry 6 first look – Sun, sea and shotguns. Join Yara’s revolution
  • Star Wars squadrons – take flight in a post-Jedi galaxy. Is this EA’s best Star Wars game?
  • The Last of Us Part II – 10-page review
  • Dirt 5 vs WRC 9 – the rally racing giants go tyre-to-tyre on PlayStation 5
  • It’s a hit: Mafia remade – the classic GTA-alike comes to PS4, and it’s breathtaking

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