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Retro Gamer Magazine

The award-winning Retro Gamer Magazine is your essential guide to classic video games. It is the only magazine in the UK dedicated to retro gaming and has the reputation to gain exclusive access to the developers of your most cherished historic games. Order your Retro Gamer Magazine subscription now and you’ll enjoy regular in-depth features on classics like Manic Miner, Doom, Mortal Kombat, Burnout, Elite, Shenmue and GoldenEye, taking you behind the scenes of your favourite games.

Retro Gamer also looks at the classic consoles, revisiting their game libraries and investigating the intense rivalries between the different systems. In each magazine you’ll discover old classics you never played and find plenty of advice on how to build up your own classic collection or play the old games on the latest systems. You’ll also learn how to master the retro classics with game guides, secrets, cheats and more. Compare our Retro Gamer Magazine subscription offers above, save on the normal cover price and get free delivery every month.

In recent issues of Retro Gamer

  • The history of Turrican: Julian Eggebrecht celebrates 30 years of Factor 5’s explosive run-and-gun franchise.
  • Reinventing Silent Hill: How a UK games studio rebooted the series.
  • 25 years of Worms: Retro Gamer celebrates Team17’s wriggly warmongers.
  • The making of John Madden Football: Discover how the popular 8-bit game was converted to the Sega Mega Drive.
  • Ultimate guide to Skies of Arcadia: Everything you need to know about the iconic Dreamcast RPG.
  • The story of Price of Persia The Sands of Time: On resurrecting an iconic hero for two new generations
  • Arcade heaven: How Numskull is revitalising classic coin-op cabinets.
  • Hands-on with the Polymega: Will this super-deluxe system reinvent your game collection?
  • The Evil Dead: Richard Leinfellner on converting Sam Raimi’s video nasty to C64.
  • Ultimate guide to Super Castlevania IV: Is Konami’s 16-bit epic the best in the series?

Order your Retro Gamer subscription today for more classic game features, console retrospectives, interviews and guides to your favourite classics.

Who reads Retro Gamer Magazine?

Old-school gamers who grew up playing games on an old Amstrad, Commodore, Sega, Atari, Sony, Neo Geo and other systems. This is the magazine for anyone who loves retro games.

How much is a subscription to Retro Gamer Magazine?

Retro Gamer Magazine subscriptions start from just £12.00.

How do I subscribe?

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