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Tabletop Gaming Magazine

If you’re looking for your next board game fix, a Tabletop Gaming Magazine subscription is exactly what you need. It’s the world’s leading magazine dedicated to all types of table-top gaming. You’ll find coverage of classic board games, new Kickstarter projects, epic strategy games, card games, RPGs, tabletop miniature wargames and everything in between.

Written by an obsessive team of dedicated gamers, Tabletop Gaming Magazine features a huge number of in-depth game reviews every month along with lavish images that will get you excited about playing the best new releases. You’ll find exclusive interviews with top game designers and industry names, plus coverage of UK and international events and gaming conventions.

Each month you’ll get exciting behind-the-scenes previews of upcoming releases and fun top ten games lists. Regular playing guides for some of the best tabletop games will help improve your skills in no time. All the writing in Tabletop Gaming Magazine is infused with humour and an obvious passion for the hobby, and will keep you entertained until your next gaming session.

Order your Tabletop Gaming subscription and discover some hidden gems to add to your collection or play at your local board game café. Enjoy savings on the newsagent price along with free delivery to your door so that you never miss a copy. If you opt for the digital version of the magazine, you can read it from anywhere and enjoy extra content.

In recent issues of Tabletop Gaming

  • King of Monster Island: Richard Garfield’s monsters team up in this co-op monster mash!
  • Grail games: What gaming gems have you got in your attic?
  • Time of Empires: Build a civilization in 27 minutes of real time.
  • Solforce Fusion: An explosive new trading card game.
  • Carrooka: The hot dexterity game you need to take for a spin.
  • The Last of Us: Escape the Dark – The triple-A video game classic gets the Escape The Dark tabletop treatment.
  • Exalted Funeral: How the indie games publisher exhumed the golden age of RPGs.
  • Japanese games market report – see all the new games from the land of the rising fun.
  • 10 of the best deckbuilding games.

Get your Tabletop Gaming Magazine subscription now for more fantastic game reviews, guides and interviews like this every month.

Who reads Tabletop Gaming Magazine?

This is an essential read for all fans of traditional gaming, whether you love playing strategy, family, party or co-operative games, roleplaying games, card games or table top miniatures. It’s the perfect magazine for all self-proclaimed board game geeks!

How much is a subscription to Tabletop Gaming Magazine?

Tabletop Gaming Magazine subscriptions start from just £35.99.

How do I subscribe?

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