BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Gardeners’ World Magazine

The most popular gardening magazine in the UK, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine provides a unique mix of friendly practical gardening advice with inspiring gardens, amazing plants and brilliant shopping ideas.

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Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Whether you live in the town or countryside, Country Living Magazine will give you a wealth of ideas for your home and garden. Learn about rural issue and traditional crafts, enjoy irresistible recipes using seasonal foods and, above all, escape the strain and stress of modern life.

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Landscape Magazine

LandScape Magazine

Celebrating life at nature’s pace, LandScape Magazine captures the best of every season with inspiring garden ideas, seasonal home cooking, British crafts, history and heritage and fantastic British holiday locations.

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Amateur Gardening Magazine 2024

Amateur Gardening Magazine

Amateur Gardening Magazine offers the best practical gardening advice to its readers every week. The magazine is aimed at gardeners interested in growing beautiful flowers, healthy plants and delicious fruit and vegetables.

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Which Gardening Magazine

Which? Gardening Magazine

Subscribe to Which? Gardening to receive a fantastic gardening magazine 10 times a year and gain access to a wealth of comprehensive expert advice available online, via email or over the phone.

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The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine

The Garden Magazine from the Royal Horticultural Society will inspire everyone to grow and improve their own gardens. With your Garden Magazine subscription you will also receive membership to the RHS, giving you a number of great benefits.

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Garden Answers Magazine

Garden Answers Magazine

Garden Answers magazine features design inspiration, planting ideas and friendly, expert advice to help you create a beautiful garden whatever the season. Each issue of your Garden Answers Subscription will highlight seasonal plants to buy, practical jobs for the month ahead, clever ways to save time and money and fantastic reader gardens packed with ideas to inspire.

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Garden News Magazine

Garden News Magazine

Garden News Weekly is the perfect magazine for every gardener, bringing tried and tested advice to keen gardeners, along with the latest gardening news from a team of trusted, knowledgeable experts.

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Kitchen Garden Magazine

Kitchen Garden Magazine

Britain’s best-selling magazine for gardeners who want to grow their own fruit and vegetables, Kitchen Garden is the perfect magazine whether you have your own allotment or just a few pots on the patio.

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Modern Gardens Magazine

Modern Gardens Magazine

Modern Gardens Magazine is the perfect choice for those who want their outside space to look great whether they have green fingers or not. Forget hours of weeding, tidying and waiting years for things to grow, subscribe to Modern Gardens and you will find out how to achieve your dreams and see fantastic results quickly.

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House and Garden Magazine

House & Garden Magazine

The definitive guide to stylish living, House & Garden Magazine educates readers about good design in homes, gardens and the rest of their lives.

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Grow Your Own Magazine

Grow Your Own Magazine

Grow Your Own Magazine features great advice on how to grow your own fruit and vegetables, with hints and tips from industry experts.

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Homes and Gardens Magazine

Homes & Gardens Magazine

Homes and Gardens Magazine showcases classic design that stands the test of time. Mixing beautiful features illustrating major decorating trends with gorgeous real-life homes, expert advice and practical information makes it the ultimate source of decorating inspiration.

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The English Garden Magazine

The English Garden Magazine

Bringing the finest gardens in the UK to life, The English Garden Magazine features exclusive photography and intelligent, in-depth content. Order your English Garden Magazine subscription now and in each issue you’ll find stunning design ideas, expert planting guidance and captivating stories from experienced gardeners.

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Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Known for its fantastic photography, thoughtful layouts and insights from leading experts, Gardens Illustrated Magazine offers an inspiring mix of stunning gardens, design and plants. The magazine serves as an influential and inspirational horticultural style guide and has been described as the ‘Vogue’ of gardening.

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What Are The Best Gardening Magazine Subscriptions & Which Should I Choose?

The most popular gardening magazine in the UK (by a long way) is BBC Gardeners' World, and it's a fantastic monthly title with something for everyone. It offers the perfect mix of down-to-earth gardening advice, problem-solving, monthly growing checklists, kit reviews and inspirational features. It's a good value practical magazine and you'll find articles by well-known TV gardeners in every issue.

If you're focused on growing fruit and vegetables, both Grow Your Own and Kitchen Garden Magazine will help you to improve your results. Featuring extensive growing guides and plenty of DIY projects, these gardening magazine subscriptions are perfect for people with an allotment or plot of any size, even those with only a small amount of balcony space. You'll find lots of great reader input and if you need inspiration for how to make the most of your harvest, there are plenty of mouth-watering recipes to try out.

For serious gardeners who want to improve all aspects of their garden, try a subscription to Modern Gardens or Garden Answers if you prefer a monthly magazine or Amateur Gardening or Garden News for a weekly title. These are practical magazines for gardeners of all abilities, with lots of advice, seasonal planting guides and easy to follow projects for both outdoor and indoor gardening. You'll enjoy the reader stories and garden showcases and find interesting letters and fun competitions. The monthlies offer more in-depth features while the weekly magazines have more up-to-date news.

If it's garden inspiration you're after, look no further than Gardens Illustrated and The English Garden Magazine. These are up-market, aspirational garden magazines that showcase some of the best private gardens in the UK. In addition to the stunning photography, the designers and owners give their inside knowledge and tips, which is perfect if you're looking to improve your own garden space.

For equally inspirational profiles of both interiors and exteriors, order a subscription to Homes & Gardens, Country Living, House & Garden or LandScape Magazine. These magazines feature a good mixture of beautiful gardens and stunning interiors, offering design inspiration both inside and out.

Another superbly popular UK gardening magazine, on account of it being included with RHS membership, is The Garden Magazine. Published every month it's a great all-rounder with a delightful mixture of expert gardening and growing advice, news from the Royal Horticultural Society and inspiration from stunning gardens around the UK. Subscribe to The Garden and you'll also receive membership to the RHS with the added benefits that affords.

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